You can now use Edge’s password manager to log in to mobile apps

Microsoft is updating Edge on Thursday, allowing password managers in browsers to sign in to mobile apps. The new release, technically called Edge 92, also includes a new password safety feature via the password health dashboard.

The Edge mobile app should be able to use your browser’s password manager in a similar way to other services like BitWarden or 1Password. You can easily log in to apps like Pinterest or Instagram using the login credentials you accumulate in Edge.

Microsoft already offers universal password management in Microsoft Authenticator, which you can set as the default autocomplete option on iOS or Android. Microsoft says the mobile version of Edge works the same way, so you can set it as an autocomplete option on iOS.

Edge’s new password health dashboard.
Image: Microsoft

According to Microsoft, Edge can now tell you whether a password has been used across multiple sites and whether a new password is “strong” through its password health dashboard. Both features feel like table stakes that you should have already used in Edge, but it’s nice to be here now.

Edge’s Outlook extension puts all the emails and calendars you want in a small drop-down menu.
Image: Microsoft

For Outlook users, Microsoft now offers an Outlook extension for Edge that lets you view your calendar and contacts and send emails without opening a new tab or Outlook app.

You can download a new version of Edge now.

Updated July 22 at 1:13 PM EST: Added confirmation from Microsoft for Edge’s password manager feature.


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