Vodafone latest UK carrier to reintroduce roaming charges in Europe after Brexit

Vodafone has announced that it will re-introduce roaming rates in Europe for UK mobile customers from January next year. It is the latest British airline to reintroduce fees after the UK left the European Union (EU), following a similar U-turn in the EE in June. All major UK carriers have previously said they have no plans to introduce roaming rates in Europe after the Brexit vote.

The fee will apply to all Vodafone customers signing up for or changing a contract from 11 August 2021, and the fee will be effective from 6 January 2022. The cost depends on the specific plan, but most customers pay £2 ($2.77). One day in Europe to use your UK currency, text and data allowance, or £1 per day if you purchase the 8-day or 15-day bundle of access.

Customers who have subscribed to Vodafone’s “Unlimited Data Xtra Plan 4 Xtra Benefits” or “Limited Data Xtra Plan 4 Xtra Benefits” will pay no extra to use their UK allowance in Europe. All UK Vodafone customers traveling to the Republic of Ireland, an EU member state, are not required to pay roaming fees, regardless of contract. More information on the new payment plan can be found here.

Roaming charges were abolished in the European Union on 15 June 2017, but after the UK decided to leave the EU, it was forced to renegotiate a trade agreement with the European Union. This does not include free mobile roaming, allowing UK carriers to re-introduce rates if they wish.


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