Verizon’s new hotspot plans are built for your camper van getaway dreams

Verizon has introduced a new mobile hotspot plan, with four options to choose from, starting at $20 per month for 15 GB and up to $80 per month for 150 GB. Standalone and unlimited plans for on-the-go use with additional mobile hotspot data. You may be in a Class B Winnebago Solis with a pop-up sleeping compartment. wheel of fortune, through the redwoods, along the coast south, and through the painted deserts of the southwest. I beg your pardon? did i say it out loud? I mean, hypothetically.

Anyway, the most basic plan, Essential, offers low-band Nationwide 5G and 4G LTE connectivity. The three more expensive plans, named Plus, Pro, and Premium, include ultra-fast, limited-range mmWave 5G and the upcoming Ultra Wideband 5G covering the mid-band spectrum, which should offer broad coverage and fast performance.

The plan promises a specific monthly premium data quota. Exceeding it will slow your data down for the rest of the month. Essential and Plus are available to Verizon customers, while Pro and Premium can be added to an unlimited plan or purchased as standalone products.

This is all great and good, but while we’re talking about unlimited plans, let’s not forget that some of us pay for unlimited data at Verizon via mobile hotspots that can’t be explained. Let’s say you (virtually) sit around a cold house that went out of power in March, waiting for the heat and Wi-Fi to come back on, and you want to turn it on and get some work done. Mobile hotspot feature of your phone. no! Since we picked the cheapest unlimited plan, we have to keep working on offline Google Docs until it’s powered on again.

Well, now (virtually) you have several options. Pay for a premium unlimited plan (which is exactly what The Man wants), or buy a mobile hotspot, load your baby with premium unlimited hotspot data and go on a dreamy #vanlife tour of the Pacific Coast in imaginary Winnebago Solis. It’s not red, it’s white. let’s not be heard


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