Twitter politely asks you to protect its targeted ad dollars in new iOS 14.5 prompt

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, part of iOS 14.5, allows developers to request permission to track iOS users, an action they could previously do for free. Today, Twitter is joining the ranks of other developers and adding a message asking users to enable tracking on iOS. MacRumors).

The main reason for listening to Twitter’s requests is simple: activating this feature can provide you with a “better” ad. The company includes a link to the settings, so you can change it, but read Twitter’s description before deciding.

Keep relevant ads by allowing this device to track data from other companies, such as apps you use on Twitter and websites you visit.

The company also includes a link Support post It explains why you should ask for permission in the Twitter help center, includes a link to the current app privacy policy, and explains what to do to enable or disable tracking on iOS.

New Twitter ad tracking prompt.

It’s a surprisingly straightforward attempt to allow users to track Twitter, given the company’s recent Revenue Statement (PDF) highlighting the app tracking transparency that Apple added to iOS 14.5 as a potential risk.

Assuming that the pandemic continues to improve and is slightly affected as changes related to iOS 14.5 are released, we expect total revenue to grow faster than cost in 2021. How much faster will depend on a number of factors, including direct response roadmaps and action against macroeconomic factors.

Facebook and Instagram have taken a much more aggressive approach to convince users of the growing use of ad tracking. It even includes an dubious threat that “will help keep Facebook/Instagram free” by enabling tracking.

Companies like Twitter and Facebook often rely on user tracking to support separate, highly profitable advertising businesses. After all, paying for free social networks is usually advertising sales, and customer data helps you target these ads. As a company more interested in selling hardware and subscription services, Apple doesn’t really have to worry about anything like that, but drastic changes like new tracking rights can confuse developers.

App tracking transparency has proven to be popular. According to a recent survey, about 96% of U.S. users are opting out of tracking. And since Google is considering developing its own way to block tracking on Android, you may need to get used to the apps that come to us and beg for free data.


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