TVA TemPad review: who needs TikTok when you can control time and space?

Over time, mobile devices have become more powerful in terms of functionality. What was once a simple communication device or multimedia player has turned into a small pocket-sized supercomputer full of features. And nothing exemplifies this trend better than the TVA TemPad, with its time-tracking and manipulation abilities that give the most ordinary owners the powers to outperform even the most powerful heroes.

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Unlike most modern devices, the TemPad aims to have an almost retro futuristic design. Despite the dual displays on both the outside and inside of the device, the TemPad itself is covered in warm wood and brass finishes reminiscent of a simple time. All in all, the TempPad is reminiscent of the pre-iPhone era. The internal display and external touchscreen matching the physical keys are reminiscent of older devices like the LG Voyager in 2007 and a time before empty, non-functional touchscreen slates dominated the market.

But instead of a full QWERTY keyboard, TemPad only offers a dual number pad, along with a quirky D-pad and a dedicated Miss Minutes button. However, the TemPad is primarily controlled via a black spherical control surface, which acts as a tappable button with additional gestures. A cutout on the top display is also available when the device is closed.

TemPad makes good use of external displays for displaying standard app suites (like those used to track branch-connected events and collapses in time and space) and note features like the Galaxy Note that allows for quick scribbling. Especially on external touchscreens, TemPad also offers the ability to automatically animate and then project that drawing as a 3D hologram, which is definitely unique compared to most other mobile hardware.

TempPad hardware also offers a variety of storage options. Of course, you can simply put the device in your pocket, but TVA also offers both belt-mounted and smart wrist-mounted case options to keep your pads handy at all times.

The main feature of TempPad is the ability to create Timedoors. The glowing orange door traverses the infinite realms of space and time, giving you some degree of freedom to move between the timeline and alternate reality. This is a very useful feature that helps make up for TemPad’s limited application support, lack of App Store, and poor hardware design.

The TempPad’s battery life is also very low. In particular, Timedoors consume a lot of power and run the risk of being stranded in all unfortunate locations. To exacerbate this is the fact that recharging the pads is also extremely difficult. You’ll need something similar to “Power to civilization’s only hope” to recharge it. This is a much more difficult task than finding a high enough USB-C brick. Wattage to support fast charging on most devices.

Like many mobile devices, TemPad has Miss Minutes, a smart digital assistant that works with a variety of TVA technologies and devices. But unlike Siri or Bixby, Miss Minutes is a semi-perceptual AI capable of intelligently answering queries. Miss Minutes is used to work around some limitations of TemPad and provides a way to look up previous records without resorting to tedious text input. However, sometimes tasks take longer than usual because assistants are known to have their own plans.

Perhaps TemPad’s biggest flaw is decidedly low-resolution display technology. While most phones and laptops opt for a colorful LCD or vivid OLED panel, the TemPad features a rather uninspired two-tone orange-on-black display. The text is chunky, the images are rendered at a disappointingly low resolution, and the map for tracking transformations is a vague 2D outline. The video is playable but requires a lot of parts, so in some cases you need to zoom in on a part of the video to be able to identify the identifiable features.

TempPad is unfortunately vulnerable to mobile devices. After a rough drop, at least one device shatters into a pile of sparks and smoke. Given an active intended audience for the TemPad, it would be nice to see a bit more robust durability in future models.

Continuing the retrograde design, the TemPad’s UI resembles that of the early Palm OS (similarities only exacerbated by the low-resolution, two-tone display). Only 4 apps are displayed on the home screen at a time. Built-in items include the flagship Timedoor application, settings, directory, and the Miss Minutes assistant. The UI is sometimes difficult to manage, so it’s easy to accidentally open Timedoors in an unwanted location when you don’t take proper care in choosing your destination.

Another mistake TempPad makes is its reliance on enterprise-level software. The ability to track timeline variations and analyze the impact of branching nexus events is undoubtedly useful for TVA agents and judges, but the average consumer will not use these features much. A more traditional contact and mapping application would go a long way in making the TemPad a more useful everyday device.

Another issue with TempPad is availability. Currently, the device has been hijacked by an evil organization and only accessible to TVA agents who have been brainwashed to enforce a single reality instance. . Having to pay for the hardware is definitely a steep price, especially given that you still can’t play TikTok videos.


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