The Galaxy A52 5G is shaping up to be a very competitive midrange phone

Samsung’s upcoming mid-range device, the Galaxy A52 5G, appears to be getting monthly security updates. First discovered by the Galaxy Club, the A52 5G, which has not yet been officially announced, appears on Samsung’s Security Updates page during the monthly update cycle. With previous rumors of a high refresh rate and a new leak that the main camera will provide optical image stabilization, it seems that Samsung is taking the A51’s successor very seriously.

Samsung usually reserves a spot on a schedule of monthly updates for flagships and high-end devices. This isn’t the first time mid-range A-series devices have been scheduled for monthly updates, but last year’s Galaxy A51 and A51 5G are on a quarterly update schedule. Putting the A52 5G into your monthly schedule will allow you to compete with competing products like the Pixel 4A 5G, which are updated frequently directly from Google.

Samsung has listed the unreleased Galaxy A52 5G on its support page.

As far as leaks and rumors are concerned, the update schedule isn’t as interesting as hardware specs like screen refresh rate and megapixel count. But they are equally important. Regular updates allow you to fix bugs and problems in a timely manner. Samsung has committed to providing regular security updates of at least four years for many Galaxy devices, including the A-series. The A52 5G will probably drop quarterly and drop in frequency from time to time towards the end of four years, but this will still go a long way towards making the device usable for years to come.

The official release dates of the Galaxy A52 5G and A52 are not yet known, but it seems that the release is imminent.


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