The best wireless earbuds to buy right now

The market for true wireless earbuds hasn’t been more crowded than in 2021. With so many to choose from, finding the best earbuds can be difficult. But the vast choice is actually good Stuff: Not only is there an excellent choice for pocketing your everyday buds, but there are also a number of options that prioritize things like noise reduction, fitness, long battery life, and comfort.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an audiophile of any kind, it’s important to find a set of earbuds that sound great for you. This means different things for different people. Would you like a rattling bass or something more balanced with an immersive sound stage? You’ll want to find a pair that provides a good and reliable Bluetooth connection. Check that box in all of the items below and find enough battery life to use during a normal day of listening intermittently.

To get the most out of the earbuds, your ears must be well sealed. Always try the different eartip sizes that come with the buds you purchase. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes for each ear. The ears are so fun. Many of these earbuds have apps that you can install on your phone, allowing you to further personalize your sound and control it the way you want.

Overall, if you are looking for the best noise canceling earbuds, you will be very pleased with Bose’s QuietComfort earbuds. It offers best-in-class noise cancellation and great sound.

Bose QuietComfort earbuds

Prices at the time of publication.

With dynamic, rich sound and the best noise cancellation available in a true wireless earbud, the Bose QuietComfort earbuds are a great choice if you want to listen to music in peace.

But if you have other priorities, there are plenty of great options from Apple, Beats, Jabra, Sennheiser and Ultimate Ears that won’t disappoint. This guide covers advanced wireless earbuds. If you are looking for a cheaper option, buy the cheapest wireless earbuds.

Bose’s QuietComfort earbuds are the ultimate noise canceling wireless earbuds.
Photo: Chris Welch / The Verge

Best noise canceling earbuds

The QuietComfort earbuds offer very powerful active noise canceling, but the equally good thing about how customizable ANC is. You can choose from 11 levels of noise cancellation (depending on the amount of outside world you want to mix) and set up three favorites to switch between when you double-tap the left earbud.

Bose’s premium earbuds output fantastic audio with powerful bass. Transparency/Ambient Mode is second only to Apple’s natural sound. And even voice mics work just fine, so you get the full package like you have to pay for this kind of money.

AirPods Pro, the best wireless earbuds for those who use Apple products, are next to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and MacBook Pro.

AirPods Pro remain the best wireless earbuds for iPhone owners, as some of the best features only work with other Apple products.
Photo: Chris Welch / The Verge

Best Wireless Earbuds for iPhone

There is no interaction between AirPods and other devices from Apple such as iPhones, iPads and Macs. AirPods Pro don’t offer the best sound quality, but it’s perfectly satisfactory for many. And active noise cancellation comes with Bose.

But if you’re in Apple’s ecosystem and you also own a Mac or iPad, it all comes with it. AirPods Pro can automatically move between devices depending on the device you’re using, and spatial audio on your iPhone or iPad provides immersive surround sound when watching streaming video apps. They are fantastic to make calls, and Apple continues to outpace its competitors in terms of ease of use.

Here are the tips. If none of the included ear tips get a perfect seal, we recommend a set of memory foam tips from Comply or Dekoni.

Apple AirPods Pro

Prices at the time of publication.

Apple’s flagship earbuds are improved over regular AirPods with better sound quality, excellent active noise cancellation, and immersive spatial audio.

Jabra's Elite 75t, the best wireless earbuds for multitasking, are painted on the table.

The Jabra Elite 75t is the best wireless earbuds if you want to pair two devices at the same time.
Photo: Chris Welch / The Verge

Best wireless earbuds for multitasking

Jabra is the only company that makes true wireless earbuds that support “multipoint” for two simultaneous Bluetooth connections. So you can pair it with your phone and laptop or tablet at the same time. Jabra’s mobile app offers a lot of customization for controls, EQ, and even includes bonuses like white noise or natural sounds if you have a convenient situation.

Jabra Elite 75t

Prices at the time of publication.

Jabra’s Elite 75t earbuds deliver pleasing bass sound and reliable performance, and can be connected with two devices such as phones and laptops at the same time.

The latest Elite 85t earbuds add more effective noise canceling to your mix, but the 75ts are sold so often that they still choose if multitasking matters. It’s baggy when it comes to bass, but not enough to overwhelm the rest of the mix.

Jabra offers a 2-year warranty in case of hardware problems. (I could be caused by a 75t bird stop charging suddenly.)

Powerbeats Pro earbuds inside a case in someone's hand.

The Powerbeats Pro have been around for a while but are still rated as the best wireless earbuds for fitness.
Photo: Chris Welch / The Verge

Best wireless earbuds for fitness

Nothing can be left out of the Powerbeats Pro as the best fitness earbuds since its release in 2019. The ear hook design keeps your ears fixed even during intense workouts, can withstand the most sweaty workouts, and you get 9 hours of continuous battery life. Pass almost all marathons. And with a rich bass to keep you motivated and moving, the sound quality is a killer.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Prices at the time of publication.

Powerbeats Pro is the perfect workout companion with long battery life, powerful bass and sweat protection.

Since Beats is owned by Apple, Powerbeats Pro can also take advantage of features like audio sharing, automatic device switching (e.g. AirPods Pro), and a very simple pairing process.

Samsung's Galaxy Buds Plus, the best wireless earbuds for most people, are in women's ears.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus can last up to 11 hours on a single charge, blowing away a lot of competitors.
Photo: Chris Welch / The Verge

Best wireless earbuds for battery life

It can be used for 11 hours on a single charge. This is what I think is the marathon battery life of a true wireless earbud, and few other companies can catch up with the life of the Samsung Galaxy Bud Plus. It doesn’t have noise canceling, so it helps you play longer, but 11 hours is a great thing nonetheless. Like Jabras, these are often on sale and can be easily purchased at a discounted price.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Prices at the time of publication.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus offers 11 hours of marathon battery life, a lightweight, comfortable fit, and pleasing sound quality.

Side profile picture of the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, the best wireless earbuds for sound quality.

Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 2 is the best wireless earbuds in terms of sound quality.
Photo: Jon Porter / The Verge

Best wireless earbuds for sound quality

In true wireless earbuds, Sennheiser’s second swing enhances the original Momentum by adding a more comfortable fit and active noise cancellation. But all of these earbuds are second to none in sound quality. The Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds output dynamic, expressive and incredibly detailed audio. It’s a kind of sprout that can pull out things you’ve never seen before from your favorite music.

But the upgraded sound quality comes at a huge price of $300. If you want the best sound a true wireless earbud can provide, this is it. But all these other songs sound good enough on their own.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Prices at the time of publication.

Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds offer excellent sound quality and pleasing noise cancellation.

You won’t find any silicone ear tips that can match your UE Fits and custom tips.
Photo: Chris Welch / The Verge

Best wireless earbuds when comfort is paramount

If you often have trouble finding eartips that fit comfortably in your ears, it won’t get any better than UE Fits. These earbuds contain special tips that are molded to the shape of your ears during the 60-second fitting process that you activate with the UE’s app. During shaping, it warms up (which is not uncomfortable) and you can feel it adapt to the contours of the ear canal.

Once the process is complete, you’ll have a close-to-perfect custom earbuds you can find, unless you visit your local audiologist for a professional mold. Ultimate Ears are “guaranteed” to fit and will send you a second tip if your first shaping attempt goes wrong. The UE Fits are very good, have up to 8 hours of continuous play and have a waterproof rating of IPX4.

UE suitable

Prices at the time of publication.

UE Fits comes with unique eartips that permanently mold into your ear’s unique shape in just 60 seconds. This allows for a much better fit that can be worn comfortably for hours.

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