The best gaming TV to buy for the PS5 and Xbox Series X

It’s been months since the launch of the next generation of console games using the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. If you haven’t upgraded the TV you’re playing before Buying a new console-first of all, congratulations on finding one-now is a better time than ever. The latest 2021 TV models from LG, Samsung, Sony and other companies are now on the market, many of which are optimized for HDMI 2.1 and gaming features like VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and Butter. Smooth 120Hz operation.

HDMI 2.1 was still experiencing early growth pains last year, and some TVs offer a variety of features omitting features such as VRR or ALLM. But TV makers seem to have done much better with their 2021 lineup.

Our top picks for Best Game TV for PS5 and Best Game TV for Xbox meet two main criteria. It stands out from the pack for gaming performance and support for next-generation features, but it has also come up with some phenomenal pictures for video entertainment such as Netflix, Disney Plus, or any other content you are watching.

LG’s G1 OLED is the best gaming TV for the Xbox Series X/S and PS5.
Image: LG


Best Gaming TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Thanks to more efficient internal work and panel advancements, the G1 can be brighter than LG’s past OLEDs. As a result, HDR highlights are brighter in movies, TV shows, and games. However, the perfect blacks and phenomenal viewing angles for which OLEDs are known are still maintained.

In 2021, LG paid more attention to gamers in the TV settings menu. There is a new “Game Optimizer” dashboard for quick access to settings like VRR. You can choose between different game genres for your TV and automatically apply the ideal photo optimization. Vincent Teoh HDTVtest Had a great review for the G1.

LG G1 OLED (55 inch)

Prices at the time of publication.

LG’s G1 is the brightest OLED TV the company has ever made. There’s a flushed “gallery” design on the wall and a new Game Optimizer menu that lets you get the most out of next-generation console games.

G1 must be mounted on the wall. It doesn’t come with the original stand by default. However, the mounting process is well worth it as it sits about the same height as a specially designed wall mount that efficiently routes attached cables.

The LG CX outpaced that era in how well it showcased the next-generation consoles. And yes, I know I have to mount it and remove the soundbar.
Photo: Chris Welch / The Verge


Best deals on gaming tv

Last year, LG’s CX-series OLEDs were the best choice for those looking for a TV that can get the most out of their new PS5 or Xbox on their first day. The CX line has led to the C1 model in 2021, but I think the “stability” for LG OLEDs in 2020 is a much smarter move. All major gaming features like 120Hz, VRR (including G-Sync and FreeSync) and ALLM are available. And all the HDMI ports on the CX are HDMI 2.1, which I can’t say yet on the best TVs of 2021. This means you can connect both your Xbox Series X or S and PS5 without losing the next-generation enhancements on both computers.

LG CX (55 inch)

Prices at the time of publication.

LG’s CX-series OLEDs give you great photos in perfect black, and they have four HDMI 2.1 ports that support both Xbox Series X and PS5 features such as 120Hz gaming at 4K.

Choosing CX over something like G1 or C1 can save you a lot of money. If you are not obsessed with brightness, you will be very pleased with the fantastic OLED quality of last year’s mainstream LG set.

Samsung’s QN90A, the best LCD gaming TV, has a game bar with important features for PS5 and Xbox gamers.
Photo: Chris Welch / The Verge

3. Samsung Neo QLED QN90A
The best LCD TV for next-generation PlayStation and Xbox games

Samsung’s new QN90A series is the company’s first TV to use mini LED technology, featuring a standard full array backlight system. ton Smaller LEDs are clustered in the same space. The result is a much better contrast ratio, higher brightness, and less “blooming” around white objects on dark backgrounds, with LCD TVs already outpacing OLEDs.

Samsung Neo QLED QN90A (55 inch)

Prices at the time of publication.

Samsung’s Neo QLED TV is the company’s flagship in 2021 with Mini LED backlights for improved contrast and brightness that can outperform all OLEDs. There is a new game bar with shortcuts to features like HDMI 2.1 and VRR and aspect ratio.

Like LG, Samsung is paying special attention to gamers this year with a “Game Bar” that allows you to quickly adjust the aspect ratio of the screen (for a wider and more comprehensive view in supported games) and monitor the TV’s very low input lag. There is. Make sure other settings like HDR and VRR are enabled to get the most out of your new console. Samsung supports all the important next-generation features, but unfortunately, despite the premium price of the QN90A, the HDMI situation is not as good as I would like-only one of the 4 HDMI ports on this TV is HDMI 2.1. That said, the review paints the QN90A with one of the following: that much) The best LCD TV on the market today. So, if you play games in a bright room and have cash, this is still the best recommendation.

If you want an OLED picture quality that’s cheaper than LG, Vizio offers the cheapest OLED gaming TV.
Image: Vizio

4. Vizio OLED

Affordable OLED Gaming TV

Vizio’s first OLED TV required a few firmware updates to fix the bugs and get to where it was needed in terms of performance, but the company did work to keep it for months after the TV launched last year. Now it’s a fairly capable next-generation game set with multiple HDMI 2.1 ports and 4K support at 120Hz. However, customers still report issues with Vizio’s attempt to implement variable refresh rates. If VRR matters, it’s a good idea to step into the LG.

Vizio OLED (55 inch)

Prices at the time of publication.

Vizio’s 2020 OLED TV is the cheapest way to get OLEDs well-known perfect blacks and excellent viewing angles. It’s a much better next-generation TV after recent firmware update.

The input lag is a bit higher than that of LG, but it’s not enough to be a problem unless you’re a very competitive gamer type. This can’t be a problem, especially considering how cheap Vizio’s OLED is compared to Sony’s or LG’s.

TCL’s 6-series TVs offer a great mix of next-generation gaming features at an attractive price.
Image: TCL

5. TCL 6 series

Best Budget Gaming TV for Xbox Series X

TCL’s 6-series is the cheapest TV of our recommendations, but it comes with a compromise. This is a 4K TV, but it doesn’t support 4K games at 120Hz. Instead, its fluidity is best at 1440p resolution. (Xbox consoles can take advantage of this resolution, but PS5 currently can’t replace 1080p for 120Hz gaming.)

TCL 6 series QLED TV (65 inch)

Prices at the time of publication.

You can’t reach 120Hz at 4K, but the TCL 6-series offers a picture quality that’s far superior to its price. It also supports VRR, ALLM and other next-generation console expertise.

If you can live without 4K at 120Hz and remember that many games reduce the resolution to 120 frames per second, you get a nice 4K HDR LCD TV with impressive local dimming, built-in Roku’s intuitive software, and significantly lower prices. Than our other best choice for next-generation gaming TV.

Update April 26th at 1:30pm ET: The buying guide has been updated with details on the issues remaining with Vizio’s OLED TV.


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