T-Mobile employee files suit after HR asked invasive questions about her OnlyFans account

A sales representative at a T-Mobile store in Fort Worth, Texas, filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against the company after an HR team member improperly asked about his OnlyFans account.

Caitlyn Stevens has been working at T-Mobile for nearly 7 years and has been mad at her for the way her male colleagues handle customer interactions. He approached her as a “physically aggressive manager”, forcing a colleague to intervene and prevent a man from beating her.

Stevens reported the incident to the store manager. According to the complaint, the manager moved Stevens to another location instead of chasing a male colleague for trying to harm her. Stevens saw less human traffic in the area, resulting in reduced employee sales. “I didn’t think it was fair to go to a slower position based on what just happened,” she explains in an interview. The Verge.

When Stevens filed a complaint with HR, a man on the team called her and started asking questions about her personal life, including “does she have a ‘sugar daddy’ or an OnlyFans account?” Stevens was shocked. “I started crying right away,” she says. The Verge. “I said I wasn’t comfortable and he still kept asking questions.”

According to Stevens, the male HR rep said, “I heard that you have an OnlyFans account. Is that true?” “I heard that people have seen nude photos of you,” he added.

Stevens said the question is off-putting. “I was sexually harassed and felt uncomfortable,” she says. “The nature of the question is not okay when you literally report physical assault.”

White, Hill Putty, partner of Albanes, Stevens’ attorney Vincent White, says the case shows that T-Mobile sided with Stevens’ male colleague. “T-Mobile has decided to go with men with a history of violence in the workplace rather than women who have been high performers in their seven years at the company,” he said in a statement. “Caitlyn Stevens’ personal life has nothing to do with running a store, while threatening co-workers with violence disrupts the productivity and well-being of the entire workplace.”

This isn’t the first time a woman with an OnlyFans account has been humiliated or retaliated against. April 2020 BuzzFeed News A mechanic in Indiana reported being fired from his job after his boss discovered he was making amateur porn on OnlyFans outside of work. December 2020 New York Post I was trying to “out” the EMT that was making a living through OnlyFans. New York Post Backfired here. The publication was widely criticized as “reading someone for a living.” rolling stone). The case points to how far some businesses will try to go to take control of workers’ lives, while refusing to pay people enough to sustain a single income stream.

Stevens turned down the settlement to talk about what happened. “I think she took a much more difficult path here,” said Ariella Steinhorn, founder of Lioness Strategies. A telecommunications company supporting Stevens’ case.

Stevens took medical leave due to the stress of the situation.

T-Mobile did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The Verge.


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