Skipping the Super Bowl, Budweiser is donating advertising dollars to COVID-19 vaccine awareness efforts

After launching Super Bowls for 37 years, Budweiser will not be included in this year’s Big Game.

Anheuser-Busch’s flagship beer brand is raising awareness of the Covid-19 vaccine by donating advertising dollars to the Ad Council and the COVID Collaborative.

To illustrate why they’re skipping this year’s game, Budweiser today unveils a 90-second video (actor Rashida Jones narrated and set to “Lean On Me”), which reveals a scene from the epidemic last year I put it. People singing out of the window, car parades that scare the elderly, dogs that surprise the Zoom, NBA players kneeling in “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts in an empty arena, and grocery shoppers in masks dance and corona 19 Vaccines.

The decision is “good for society, good for the economy, good for the brand,” according to Marcel Marcondes, Chief Marketing Officer Anheuser-Busch USA. To help people better understand the vaccine, Budweiser is donating the price of airtime that would have become a commercial slot during the Super Bowl period, along with partners for the creative deliverables the advertising committee is developing.

“We’re seeing one company or another saying it’s out of the game this time,” Marcondes says. “But what is the reason for me? What is the purpose? So what would you do better instead? Dear Budweiser, it’s not going out because we were trying to save money. Yes? We have a clear reason. We’re not doing this because we want to do it. I think this is the right way. I still believed the Super Bowl was a powerful platform. 100%. The country still stopped to watch the game, and besides, it stopped to see the ad. “

Budweiser, The Ad Council and other partners are working for them in making people trust the vaccine. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer released earlier this month, only 33% of those surveyed said they would get the vaccine “as soon as possible,” while another 31% said they would get the vaccine within 6 months to a year. Edelman found that respondents with “good information hygiene” or those who participate in the news, avoid information echo chambers, verify information and do not amplify unproven information are more likely to get the vaccine within a year.

Even before Budweiser’s announcement, earlier this month, the advertising committee said it had raised $37 million out of $50 million for vaccine awareness efforts. Other contributing companies include Bank of America, Facebook, General Motors, The Humana Foundation, NBCUniversal, Walgreens, and Walmart.

This doesn’t mean that Anheuser-Busch isn’t in the Super Bowl. In fact, several other brands continue to broadcast commercials during the game. Several brands still exist, but Marcondes says the ad won’t have the usual tone. In fact, he says the strategy document isn’t about games as usual, because advertising is more about “meaning and relevance” than entertainment.

What Budweiser decided to join the game, according to Marcondes, was to allow the company to have “the best of both worlds” by contributing to society while at the same time raising public awareness of vaccines through efforts other than traditional advertising.

“I hope there are more Super Bowls in front, and I can come back anytime,” he says. “But this time there’s something better Budweiser can do for people.”

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