Samsung says it might skip the Galaxy Note this year

In a remark at the annual shareholders’ meeting reported by Bloomberg, Samsung cited the difficulty of launching two flagship phones within a year, warning that it may eventually fail to ship the Galaxy Note phone in 2021.

“[The] The Note series has established itself as an advanced model in our business portfolio,” said Mobile Chief DJ Koh. “Unveiling two flagship models a year can be overwhelming, so it can be difficult to roll out. [a] Please refer to the second half model. timing [the] Note model releases are subject to change, but we intend to release Note models next year.”

The remarks came out, sounding a warning about the global shortage of semiconductors, saying that Samsung will have an impact on its business in the next quarter. However, the potential delay or cancellation of the Galaxy Note in 2021 is clearly separate. According to Bloomberg, Koh says streamlining the lineup is more important.

The release of the Galaxy Note this year is not already clear. Samsung has revealed plans to introduce a core stylus feature to more phones in the Galaxy lineup, which has sparked speculation that the line will end. However, according to a coalition report, Samsung is still preparing to launch a new Note phone in 2021.

Samsung declined to comment The Verge For the existence of this device, we repeat our plans to “add some of the Galaxy Note’s most beloved features to more device categories in 2021.”


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