Samsung says it hasn’t decided whether to halt Galaxy S21 FE production

Samsung downplayed reports claiming to have stopped production of an upcoming phone called the Galaxy S21 FE. Korea Publishing ET News Last weekend, it claimed that production of unannounced phones was halted due to a semiconductor shortage and Qualcomm processors were reallocated to foldable devices.

After the report was deleted, it said that as of now, Samsung has not made a decision on whether to stop production. In a statement sent to Bloomberg, the company said “we cannot discuss details of the unreleased product, but nothing has been decided on the allegations of production shutdown.”

The Galaxy S21 FE (short for Fan Edition) was expected to be a cheaper version than the regular S21. Last year, Dieter Bohn gave a positive review to the Galaxy S20 FE, saying that it has “a few high-quality parts that you’ll be happy with while the cheap parts don’t hurt the experience too much.”

The S21 FE hasn’t been officially announced, but Samsung revealed at an event last year that it plans to release a fan edition of its upcoming flagship phone. OnLeaks posted renders of the S21 FE back in April, showing a design similar to the acclaimed Galaxy S21.

It is noteworthy that Samsung did not deny, but ET News‘To be honest, it may take some time for the truth to come out. The S20 FE wasn’t announced until September last year and was launched in October, so even if Samsung is now experiencing supply chain issues with its successor, that doesn’t mean a launch is imminent.


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