Samsung is ‘reimagining smartwatches’ at its MWC event on June 28th

Samsung and Google’s new smartwatch platform, which plans to merge Wear OS and Tizen, will get first previews at Samsung’s virtual presentation at MWC 2021, the company announced that it will focus on the Galaxy ecosystem, a new watch experience and mobile security. I did. The event will be streamed on June 28th, 1:15pm – 2:00pm EST.

The official MWC event page explains that Samsung is “reimagining the smartwatch, creating new opportunities for developers and consumers alike,” and this appears to be at least a first look at the future of Samsung smartwatches.

The new smartwatch operating system announced at Google I/O earlier this year is an important moment for both companies. Samsung’s smartwatches are considered the best of Android wearables, but they’ve been using their own operating system and app store for years. And Google’s Wear OS (despite the power of the Play Store and its ability to integrate more deeply with Google’s services and Android) suffers from a lack of strong hardware partners.

A new collaboration project could solve the problem for both companies, and the preview of a new OS (tentatively known as Wear) makes the first look of what could become a new wearable powerhouse with exciting potential.

The other two aspects of the event, “Galaxy ecosystem” and “mobile security,” are a bit more ambiguous, but the invitations feature the Knox logo, making them perfect for the latter announcement. But the specifics will have to wait until June 28th.


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