Samsung Display is showing off new foldable tech

This year there was no shortage of rollable display demos from manufacturers, and now Samsung Display is the latest company to showcase a new concept of folding and sliding screens. SamMobile I discovered the concept of being exhibited as part of the Virtual Display Week exhibition (if you forgot to ship the Happy Display Week card, time still runs through Friday), including a “multi-foldable” mobile display and a large 17-inch. folding screen.

The company calls the first concept of a bi-fold design that opens up to a screen size of up to 7.2 inches as S-foldable. Similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but with one fold added. There’s also a sliding mobile display similar to the unfortunate rollable concept LG unveiled earlier this year before it completely left the smartphone space.

Samsung Display is showing two concepts for a larger panel, including a 17-inch foldable OLED that can act as a monitor when unfolded to the size of a tablet when folded. Finally, there are more traditional laptop displays. It doesn’t fold or bend, but an under display camera is included. Hope it’s better than the last camera you used.

Samsung Display is a division of Samsung Electronics that produces OLED panels for use by Samsung and other consumer technology manufacturers. So, these concepts may end up in future Samsung products, but they are certainly not guaranteed. The company as a whole did not hesitate to embrace the foldable technology and enter the foldable device market early. There may be more companies soon. Display OEM TCL has presented its own concept and said it will launch this year. Until then, look at the concept of collapsible bingo cards and write them.


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