Samsung and Lenovo are the latest to ditch a physical Mobile World Congress

Samsung Electronics and Lenovo officials said they would not attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. Reuters and The Verge, each.

Samsung said, “We have decided to withdraw the exhibition in person,” and said it will attend remotely instead, prioritizing the health and safety of customers and employees. A Lenovo spokesman said: The Verge The company said it would be present virtually instead of in person, and announced its plans on Friday to the GSM association hosting the event. Neither company has announced the appearance of the remote site.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and challenges with vaccination outside the United States, the face-to-face event is set to take place in June. The GSMA also fought against the cessation of last year’s event in early 2020 before several big brands were eliminated. This year we have already seen that Google has announced that it will not exhibit in addition to remote announcements from Samsung and Lenovo.

Other notable companies, including Nokia, Ericsson, Sony, and Oracle, have also dropped out of the face-to-face meeting.

We have reached out to several other large brands that have not responded to requests for comment, including ZTE and Huawei, about their attendance plans.

Update May 11th at 5:21pm EST: Lenovo has confirmed that The Verge will not attend MWC 2021 in person. Updated to reflect headlines and phrases.

Update May 11th at 8:14pm EST: You have added a list of other companies that will not attend the meeting.


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