PSA: You might want to avoid the gobs of Halo Infinite spoilers Microsoft just leaked

Master Chief, Cortana, and halo Universe, you can bow your head and start muting a few keywords on social media. Halo Infinite It will arrive later this year, as massive spoilers for the game’s full storyline are currently floating around the internet.

Note: I will keep this post spoiler-free..

Halo Infinite Creative Director Joseph Staten check on twitter When Microsoft released the game’s first multiplayer beta on July 29th yesterday, Microsoft inadvertently leaked “a handful of Halo Infinite campaign files”, saying it “may ruin everyone’s campaign experience.”

As far as we can tell, this is not an exaggeration. Halo Infinite‘s campaign. They seem to explain both the in-game goals and the basic description of the plot all the way to the end of the story. (At least one of them literally accounts for plot twists.)

If you want to mess with your campaign, finding a string isn’t that hard, but you don’t concatenate it into a string. But instead, can you suggest a guide on how to mute words on Twitter if you want to avoid spoilers?

on the lighter Halo Infinite News, developer 343 Industries recently revealed that it will have a “place weapon” button. Hopefully this button will reduce the number of randos killing teams to get sniper rifles.


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