PSA: I am once again asking you to update your iPhone for security reasons

In general, it’s good to postpone iOS updates for a week or two, but we recommend downloading the latest version, iOS 14.4.2 as soon as possible. It fixes a security flaw that Apple says may have been exploited in the wild. MacRumors). The update also applies to iPadOS, so take a few minutes of the day to go to Settings> General> Software Update.

According to Apple’s update notes, the security flaw allowed universal cross-site scripting. This means that a malicious website or script can access information on other web pages that the user has open. This is not particularly good as Apple says some sites can do this.

As I said when Apple released a similar update in January, this isn’t the time to completely lock the phone and treat it like radioactive until it’s updated. Avoid rough websites (usually good advice) and update your phone faster later.


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