Pi Day is here and Google’s calculator will test how well you know the mathematical constant

It’s the weirdest Pi Day of the holidays because it’s all about a mathematical constant representing the ratio of circumference to diameter (yes, sometimes majors pay attention in geometry classes). March 14 became known as Pi Day because it is written as a number 3.14 and pi starts at 3.14 and continues indefinitely. It’s actually an irrational number.

In case you forgot the number of pies, Google celebrates the day with an Easter egg game hidden in a calculator (marking? observation? idk, pick the term that works for me). Searching for “calculator” is a calculator).

There should be a twinkling star around the pi symbol in the upper left corner of the calculator, click on it and the calculator will display the first three digits of the pi. Enter the numbers into the calculator in sequence and press Enter. Next you can see up to 4 digits in the pie, and repeating in the calculator will show up to 5 digits in the pie.

Pi 4 digits calculated with Google calculator

Can the pie calculator game go on forever like the pie itself? I mean, I’m working today and I don’t have time to check (I can’t seem to tell Nilay and Dieter that I spent a day punching pies into a calculator under the name “Research”), but feel free to research and report.


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