One of Samsung’s best phones ever is now officially retired

Four years after release, the Samsung Galaxy S8 received the last security update. The Galaxy S8 was Samsung’s success story, launched in the spring of 2017, and came out with a bold design that caught attention in the well-documented Galaxy Note 7 battery issue over the past six months.

The S8 marked the Galaxy device’s design transition, and its wider screen with minimal bezels made it one of the best phones I’ve seen at that point. It wasn’t just a nice device either. It provided great hardware and great cameras, combined with very limited software implementation. Best of all, the battery did not catch fire.

Samsung recently introduced an official policy of providing four years of security updates to Galaxy devices, including the S-series flagship and budget-focused A-series models. Premium devices tend to receive monthly updates for at least the first few years, and cycles are updated quarterly or every two years until the end of their lifetime. This is one of the best support policies in the industry. It’s definitely for Android, and it’s pretty much like Apple’s generally long device support schedule.

The S8 and S8 Plus have reached the end of their support period, but the S8 Active is still on a quarterly update schedule, and the S8 Lite is on the schedule once every two years.


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