Nomad could not resist draping the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack in leather

To be honest, now that we’ve seen a leather case for the MagSafe charging puck, it’s all uphill here. At least Apple’s new $99 MagSafe battery pack is actually something you can carry and touch, so the leather might hold it better. Already have a matching leather case for your iPhone? It is a combination that goes well with the picture. If you agree, the Nomad is currently taking pre-orders for $30 each and will ship in November of this year.

(I blame Apple for releasing the battery only in white.)

You can’t see it in the photos or description, but Nomad says there will actually be a hole for the battery charging port. One more thing to note: Although microsuction tapes are much better (reusable and non-sticky) compared to traditional scotch whiskey, it’s important to note that the tape is what holds this piece of leather in place.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how strong the magnets on the MagSafe battery pack are before we put any more leather on the phone. Stay tuned: Dieter is currently working on that review.

Update, 8:15 PM EST: Added Nomad’s confirmation that there will be a cutout for the charging port of the MagSafe battery pack.


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