Motorola is updating its first-gen foldable Razr — with Android 11

In light of the shiny new products announced by companies like Samsung, forgetting Motorola’s foldable phone can be forgiven, but someone at the company has to take care of it. A new OS update for the 2019 Razr brought from Android 10 has been released. , Android 11 (via droid-life). Yes, that’s right. The OS that started releasing Pixels in September 2020 is now available on Razr.

Note: Both the original Razr reboot and Razr 5G will be available in 2020. However, the first one was announced in 2019, so to avoid confusion with the Razr 5G, we’ll call it the 2019 Razr.

It may seem like the 2019 Razr’s update is very late, but consider: android police And on Motorola’s update page, Android 11 started rolling out between April and July with the much better 2020 Razr 5G. As for how first-generation the 2019 Razr is, it’s not too shabby to get an update just months after its successor was released (and getting an update even after nearly a year since launch is pretty rough on an absolute time scale). despite the fact).

But Motorola’s update issues aren’t limited to foldable devices. Many recently released phones only come with two years of security updates, and some high-end products get one major OS update. Given that Razr has already been upgraded to Android 10 (May 2020), today’s update brings two feature updates. And given that the phone Motorola promises two years of security updates for between $160 and $400, the 2019 Razr was $1,500 at launch. (However, that doesn’t mean a $400 phone has to be updated for only two years.)

If you’re still on the original Razr reboot, this is an update you haven’t had before. You can read a full overview of what’s added in Android 11 here, but the summary is that it offers a chat app bubble, a power menu with more granular privacy permissions and more features. Don’t see too many features that are gearing up to drop with Android 12 and do yourself a favor. Because it’s hard to imagine that it will come to the older Razr any time soon.


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