Microsoft’s new Xbox night mode dims your screen, controller, and power button

Microsoft is working on a new night mode for the Xbox console. The software giant started testing this night mode with Xbox Insiders today on the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, and Xbox owners can dim the screen, controller LED brightness, and the Xbox power button.

Night mode has many customizations, including different dimming levels and an optional blue light filter. Microsoft is also allowing Xbox owners to dim the controller’s LED brightness and dim or turn off the Xbox power button light in this night mode. You can also set your Xbox to switch to system dark mode and disable HDR when night mode is enabled.

Xbox Night Mode allows you to dim the controller LED brightness.

This Xbox night mode can also be set to a manual or automatic mode, with a schedule that activates at sunset and deactivates at sunrise. Microsoft is currently testing this with Xbox Insiders, so expect to see it filtered through various test channels over the next few weeks before arriving on all Xbox consoles soon.


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