Microsoft will let you edit your photos as part of a new OneDrive update

Microsoft announced Tuesday that it is updating OneDrive with basic photo editing features on the web and on Android. XDA Developer). The new feature brings OneDrive’s photo storage experience closer to that provided by Google Photos.

You can now crop and rotate photos, adjust brightness and color, among the editing features supported by OneDrive. Photo editing only works with JPEG or PNG files and is currently only available for personal OneDrive accounts. Microsoft said this summer it plans to expand its photo editing capabilities to business and school accounts, and plans to expand its iOS OneDrive app later this year.

Rotate images in OneDrive for the web.
Image: Microsoft

Adjust brightness and exposure settings in OneDrive for the web.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is also offering a few other features for the Android version of the OneDrive app. You can now cast photos to Chromecast-enabled devices and let others see your photos in real time. OneDrive also offers a new way to organize your photos. Microsoft says in the next two months, OneDrive will add a setting to automatically create a folder based on the photo upload source, whether it’s a photo saved from WhatsApp or not. Screenshots taken by myself.

Microsoft’s new organizational settings for OneDrive.
Image: Microsoft

All these changes are minor, but certainly good. Any service that directly competes with Google Photos is a good thing as it becomes less attractive to use. Hopefully the changes will extend to pricing sooner or later.


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