Microsoft PowerPoint can now help you practice presentations almost anywhere — no humans required

To help you practice your presentation, Microsoft’s Presenter Coach has been available in the web version of PowerPoint for a while, but finally comes to the desktop and mobile versions of the app. According to Microsoft, this feature is now available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and of course the web.

PowerPoint Presenter Coach listens to you while you practice your presentation aloud. It analyzes what the user is saying and can use filler words such as “um” or “ahh” to alert you if they are speaking too fast or too slow. Reading the words on the slide (my personal pet). When I tried it on both PowerPoint for Windows and PowerPoint for iOS, it worked surprisingly well, doing almost everything Microsoft said. At the end, we provide a brief report that tells you what you need to practice.

Along with the expanded availability, there are several new ways this feature can make your presentations better. You can see your body language (how close you are to the camera if you are making eye contact or putting an object in front of you). Warns you if you repeat or say something wrong. And yes, it still says don’t swear in your presentation.

PowerPoint for the web (you can see it here) censors profanity, but the version for Windows isn’t pleasant.

When I tried, this feature didn’t show up in the Mac version of the app, but it was available on iOS. Microsoft couldn’t immediately comment on when this feature would appear on the Mac, whether voice and video analysis was done on the device for the desktop and mobile versions, or in the cloud.

But for privacy, it’s worth noting that when I try in airplane mode, I get a message saying that I need to be connected to the internet to use the coaching feature.


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