Microsoft Flight Simulator adds beautiful Nordic views in its latest update

in time for release Microsoft Flight Simulator On Xbox Series consoles next month, developer Asobo Studios added a few extra details that players will appreciate. World Update V focuses on the Nordic regions (particularly Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). wonderful scenery Already on a visually impressive title.

The brief trailer rewards the extra attention to the landscape (too many fjords) and urban areas, with detailed architecture to show you everything from ancient castles to modern stadiums, towers and bridges. According to the team, the new area will include “100 airports and 77 handpicked points of interest.” In the trailer you can see the Lego House and Frederiksborg Castle, the Arctic Cathedral and Sarek National Park.

The Xbox release is scheduled for July 27th, arriving after a few updates to optimize the game and reduce the staggering initial install size. If you have a PC available, you can install this latest update for free. It is also localized in Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish if you want a full Nordic experience. Xbox One owners can offer high-end titles via cloud streaming. late this year.


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