Microsoft confirms Windows 10X is dead

Microsoft today confirmed that there are no more plans to release Windows 10X. This operation was originally supposed to come with new dual-screen devices such as the Surface Neo to provide a lighter and more simplified interface and functionality. This was before the pandemic, and Microsoft instead decided to prioritize Windows 10X for single-screen laptops. Windows 10X is now officially over and Microsoft now plans to bring the best bits to Windows 10.

“Rather than releasing a product called Windows 10X in 2021 as we originally intended, we are leveraging lessons learned from our journey and accelerating the integration of key underlying 10X technologies into the company’s Windows and other parts of the product. “I say. Head of Cable, Windows Service and Shipping.

Some of them are already starting to appear in the form of new app container technologies, better voice input, and modernized touch keyboards for Windows 10. Microsoft now says that “10X technology will continue to invest in areas that are suitable for both.” The software and hardware of the future. But I don’t think I can see the Surface Neo device right now.

Microsoft’s Surface Neo device had to come with Windows 10X.
Photo from Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Windows 10X is set to emerge as a Chrome OS competitor in 2021, and Microsoft has spent years modernizing Windows to release a lighter version. Windows RT was first released in 2012 with the original Surface tablet, followed by Windows 10 S in 2017. Neither failed to simplify Windows, but Windows 10X now had some promising features starting to appear in Windows 10.

Microsoft today released a smaller Windows 10 May 2021 update, but a larger update is scheduled for October. This next major update includes new system icons, file explorer improvements, and some big visual changes to the end of Windows 95 era icons. Microsoft is also focusing on several key features and additions, such as fixing app reordering issues on multiple monitors, adding Xbox Auto HDR functionality, and improving Bluetooth audio support.


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