Krispy Kreme is selling Xbox doughnuts

Krispy Kreme made Xbox Donuts. Fluffy Donuts will be available in Krispy Kreme stores, cabinets and online across the UK and Ireland from 2 August to 22 August in a marketing collaboration with Microsoft to celebrate the Xbox 20th anniversary.

Donut doesn’t come equipped with a CPU, GPU or SSD, but you can get this type of hardware in the form of an Xbox Series S. As part of this marketing campaign, Krispy Kreme was introduced to Microsoft’s latest mini Xbox. A chance to win the console requires the purchase of 12 new Xbox Donuts, and for every 12 donuts purchased, Krispy Kreme includes a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The donuts themselves are called Nexus Levels, dipped in icing and decorated with an Xbox Nexus design. Single donuts cost £2.10 (nearly $3) and 12 pieces cost £14.45 (approximately $20).

Krispy Kreme also made a fun marketing video featuring a creative director named “Kristina Kareem” and a quality assurance expert named “Xavier Boxell”. I don’t believe it.


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