Keep your daily pandemic walk fresh with these apps

As you may have heard of it once or twice, we are now in COVID and pandemic containment for about a year. Many people have turned to new hobbies and habits to fill the void in our lives that were once filled with social gatherings, family visits, and breathing indoor air. Some of them are even healthy!

Take it every day or to be honest semidetached-Daily walking is a blockade habit that has seen me through these unprecedented times. I Not alone — With no gym or anywhere else to go, many of us have accepted (sometimes endured) walking around the neighborhood every day.

Surely it isn’t always easy. I’ve been tired of going through the same fossilized trash like the same house for about 6 months. It rains a lot where I live, otherwise a pleasant walk can turn into a real disappointment. The other day I wasn’t motivated and the mailbox was as far away as I got. But in the process, some tricks helped me and a colleague. edge The staff is dedicated to the walking ritual. Here are some techniques to keep your pandemic walking routine fresh and an app to help you get it running.

Finding a new route

Footpath helps you plan a new route and provides key information like altitude changes along the way.

This year I embraced the life-changing magic of leaving my neighborhood and walking to another place. Walking somewhere feels like unproductive driving, but it really helps shake things up when you’re tired of your usual route.

AllTrails is a popular app for hikers, but it’s also great for finding nearby parks and trails that are unknown whether you’re in the city or far from the city. There is also an active community that leaves useful information, such as whether the toilet is a horror show or a parking lot is a hotspot for intrusion. All basic features are available in the free version.

Footpaths are another great tool to help you identify new routes, whether close to home or unfamiliar. Use the app’s detailed street map to roughly draw where you want to go. The app snaps the route to the nearest distance and aisle. Footpath gives you important details about the route, such as mileage mileage, increase/decrease in altitude, and even a time estimate that takes into account the hill, so you know which route you are taking. You can trace the entire route or draw the route of the destination you want to reach, and the app can create a loop route back to the starting point.

The free version will help you brainstorm a few new walks, but advanced features like turn-by-turn navigation (currently only available for iPhone but coming soon to Android) require an Elite subscription ($23.49 per year). Alternatively, you can add Elite features to individual saved routes for a one-time fee of $1.99 each.

Keep in mind

Any therapist or Silicon Valley CEO will tell you about the benefits of meditation. My brain is too noisy for traditional sit-and-breath meditation, but I find it much easier to get into walking meditation. Calm and Headspace (annual subscription for $69 each) offers walking meditations of varying lengths. What Headspace has to offer has been tailored to more specific situations, such as walking in the city or just walking back and forth at home. If you search for YouTube or a streaming music service of your choice, you have many free options.

Find what to tune

Time to Walk is an Apple Fitness Plus feature.
Image: Apple

Finding a bite-sized podcast to listen to during your walk is a great bonus incentive to take a break and get out the door. NPR shortwave It’s a quick 10 minute episode with episodes every weekday. of mine edge Colleagues use her walk Gamertag radio. Alternatively, you can double your reading time by checking audiobooks from your local library with the Libby app. If you want a more free form, you can listen to the conversation at Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces.

If you are an Apple Fitness Plus subscriber, Time to Walk is a great option. Famous celebrities like Dolly Parton share recorded stories as they walk through places that are meaningful to them. It is a wonderful and reflective experience with various hosts. You’ll need a subscription to Apple’s $79 per year fitness service and Apple Watch, so it’s likely an option if you’re already investing in these.

Game shoes

Seek helps you identify local animals and plants, and you’ll receive a badge as you observe more species.

It works well for children and also works for adults. If everything else fails, switch to a game. Tracking your walks on MapMyRun or Strava gives you more sense of responsibility and fulfillment when you go home and hit the “Finish” button. It’s a neat little trick that works on my lizard’s brain.

Or else my edge Colleagues use the Seek app to record and record the lives of local creatures and plants. Use your phone’s camera to identify plants, birds, and other types of animals. Best of all, it tracks the species you identify and awards badges as you identify more. badge!

Of course it’s just a real version of the classic catch-all game. Other edge Staff use that old one, but good Pokemon go To keep her neighbors interesting. If you’ve missed the rise in popularity for the first time, here’s the point. few years ago, Pokemon go It tricked us to go outside to find AR characters in real places. Once found, you can throw a virtual pokeball on your phone screen to capture it. Stay casual and see how many different Pokémon you meet and capture on your walking path, or look for more aggressive rare Pokémon. It’s your world.


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