Is the WiFi router in the bedroom safe or dangerous?

The WiFi router in the bedroom is not safe and is a long-term health hazard. WiFi routers emit excessive amounts of RF (Radio Frequency) and EMF (ElectroMotive Field), which cannot guarantee sufficient sleep. The WiFi router in the bedroom is more harmful to children compared to adults.

Bad sleep can be the ultimate cause of insomnia, headaches and extreme fatigue in the body. Maintaining a long time in EMF Cell damage In the human body. And we all know that cell damage will someday cancer.

How to safely use a WiFi router in the bedroom?

Yes, you can also safely use a Wi-Fi router in your bedroom without causing any physical or mental health problems. The internet is not a problem, the problem is the magnetic radio frequencies generated by the wifi router. The best solution is simply turn off Router while sleeping.

Another simple solution is WiFi router guard or Bed canopy Reduces the EMF emitted by the router. It can block up to 90% of the emitted RF radiation. Don’t panic. Doesn’t interfere with your internet speed and stable connection.

Bedroom wifi router

Why you need a WiFi router in your bedroom

The bedside wifi router can ensure better connectivity and internet speed while lying in bed and using internet. Most of the electronic devices in the bedroom now use the internet, such as smart TVs, mobile phones, laptops, desktops, smart watches, smart sound devices, etc. To ensure better performance, a Wi-Fi box in the bedroom is a must. .

The work of the father’s home, the study of the child, and the daily activities of the mother are now completely dependent on the Internet. Sometimes your home doesn’t have enough room/space and improper electronic plugs can be the cause of installing a Wi-Fi router near the bed.

Should you avoid WiFi routers in your bedroom?

Like the two sides of a coin, technology is always accompanied by blessings and curses. And the wifi router seems to be included in that list as well. For a relatively short time, wifi routers have become an integral part of our life and we can’t imagine our life without it. So today I’m going to talk about the potential risks it has to your health and how to minimize it. To be honest, giving up is not an option.

How a WiFi router works

WiFi routers use radio frequency energy to connect to the Internet, a form of electromagnetic radiation. All Wi-Fi routers, whether high-power or low-power routers, High frequency radio waves. Now this is the same type of radio waves that cell phones and other wireless electronic devices emit. This electromagnetic field is simply called EMF.

WiFi router in bedroom safe

EMF is divided into three parts.

  1. Electric field
  2. magnetic field
  3. High frequency

Different technicians use different EMFs depending on the service they provide. WiFi routers use radio frequency radiation, also known as microwave radiation.

# How harmful can a WiFi router be?

RF radiation is relatively Low energy wave In theory, it is a form of non-ionizing radiation. Previously, it was believed that because of its low energy, it is not harmful to health. However, after a lengthy study, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that it could be a constant close-range exposure to RF radiation emitted by Wi-Fi routers. Very harmful to human body. This health risk is if you have a router in your bedroom Sleep on the side.

WiFi router in bedroom safe

01. The effect of the WiFi router in the bedroom on sleep (how)

If you are standing right in front of you, the EMF radiation from your Wi-Fi router can go up to a 400 watt PC. The further away you get, the lower this level of exposure. But even 2 meters distance It is not higher than the radiation exposure level recommended for humans. So, sleeping for about 8 hours in close proximity to the Wi-Fi router is not good for your health.

Wifi router near the bed

02. Long-term effects of the WiFi router in the bedroom

Some of the negative health effects of this are Inability to sleep, headache and Extreme fatigue. And, as we know, irregular sleep patterns can be drastic in the long run. The best solution is not to install a Wi-Fi router in your bedroom, but if necessary, check the following: Turn it off While sleeping. While that doesn’t address the whole problem, it certainly reduces your health risk to a long margin.

Bedside wifi router

03. WiFi router in bedroom may cause cell damage

Irregular sleep patterns are just one of the problems on a long list. Although there was no long-term research opportunity to define the entire spectrum of the problem, Cell damage It is said that the human body has one of them. Now, as we know, cell damage is at some point cancer. But it can take decades, so there’s no reason to panic right away.

Wifi router in dangerous bedroom

04. Brain Fog

EMF radiation from Wi-Fi routers is one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. I believe you face this problem many times in your daily activities. Sometimes we forget things to do or simple things to remember. For example, you are in front of a very close friend, but you cannot immediately remember his name. This is called the brain fog that people are facing faster than in ancient times. Using Do List and Notes is evidence of this disease.

Bedroom wifi router

05. Lack of concentration

Reading in a newspaper is completely different from reading on an online screen. Studies show that people lose focus more often from EMF radiation. While studying, keep your child away from the router radiation field.

Bedroom wifi router

06. Tinnitus and LED blinking

Tinnitus is a type of noise made by a WiFi router that cannot be heard with normal sounds. But it has a big impact while the brain sleeps. Also, blinking LEDs in the bedroom can harm your sleep, resulting in irregular sleep times.

Wifi modem in bedroom

07. Difficulty waking up

If you want to promote regular sleep behavior in your brain, we don’t recommend installing a WiFi router in your bedroom. The human brain behaves very kindly with a good personality. You may find people on the road or in the countryside doing better sleep behavior than in affluent places.

# How to Save Yourself from WiFi Router EMF Radiation

But the best solution to avoiding everything is Bedroom wifi router. The average Wi-Fi router can provide a strong internet connection at distances of up to 60 meters in all directions. The amount of data transmission may be limited, but if you are using a 5g router with an improved frequency range, you can easily pass the signal throughout the house. 5G router Limited by obstacles Such as the wall.

Bedroom wifi router

01. Safe distance to put WiFi router in bedroom

The recommended distance for a Wi-Fi router is minimal. 5 meters. But it should be located somewhere in the house, so it’s better to put it where you spend the least amount of time. It is especially good to keep it as far away as possible. Children and people sensitive to EMF radiation.

Bedroom wifi router

02. Use of WiFi router guard

There are other steps you can take to reduce the health risk of EMF radiation. One of the best options is to get a Wi-Fi router guard. ㅏ Wifi router guard It is a simple and convenient device that can be placed on a router that can block up to 90% of the emitted RF radiation. Rest assured that depending on the range of your router, it won’t affect your Wi-Fi signal or block your internet connection.

Bedside wifi router

03. Use of EMF protection canopy

Using a complete EMF protected bed canopy is an all-in-one solution for family members. We have to face too much radiation in our bedrooms: cell phones, laptops, TVs, gadgets, etc. Staying in the bed canopy is safe from all radiation and you don’t have to worry about the wifi router in your bedroom. It is now widely used all over the world. Don’t worry, you can get it at a very low price (click here).

Wifi router in dangerous bedroom

04. Use of WiFi range extender

For an average four-bedroom home, setting the router too far can be a problem, especially if the number of users increases. To fix this problem Range expander. Although generally available and inexpensive, it helps reduce the risk of radiation exposure from Wi-Fi routers.

Wireless router in bedroom

05. Turn off the WiFi router at night (Schedule)

Even with the router guard turned on Turn off the router at night. However, if you’re away from your bedroom, it can be annoying to turn it off before going to bed and then turn it back on after waking up. A good solution for this would be: Power off and schedule There is a programmable electric timer.

Bedroom wifi router

06. Using ancient wired internet connection

I don’t recommend this method because the whole world is getting wireless. In some cases, a wired connection can guarantee better performance, such as desktop PCs, smart TVs, stationary devices, etc. A wired connection may be an option, but I can’t accept it because my phone doesn’t get this result.

07. Lower overall exposure

This is very common, with 10-15 people living messed up every day and sleeping near wifi routers. Most working class people have to face this life every day. If you don’t have anything to do with the above and you have a wifi router in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to lower your overall radiation exposure. Turn off all electronic devices or keep a safe distance as far as possible.

Modem in the bedroom-is it safe?

Modems are mostly sources of the Internet provided by Internet providers. The modem can convert the Internet over a cable connection or receive the Internet from another source. These days we have found a modem with a wifi router function called a 2 in 1 modem. The modem converts the Internet, and the router distributes it in the field. However, if you are using a single modem and you are using the Internet through the modem’s cable, it is safe from EMF radiation. So, the modem is safe, but the modem with a router is not.

WiFi router EMF decides to be safe

The risk of a Wi-Fi router depends on a number of variables, including a person’s age, overall physical health, proximity to the Wi-Fi router, and duration of exposure. However, the low gigahertz radio frequency radiation emitted by your Wi-Fi router is not something that can affect you in the short term, so relax your mind from an immediate panic. However, take precautions in the long run.


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