Intel’s version of a MacBook Pro looks even better than a real one

Intel has launched a new advertising campaign starring Apple’s “I’ma Mac” actor Justin Long, but for this campaign, Long is raising tribute to PC laptops and comparing them to MacBooks. The problem is that for reasons we can’t figure out, Intel actually has the MacBook Pro better As YouTuber Rene Ritchie discovered, more than in real life

Look at these two pictures. The picture on the left is a picture of a MacBook Pro with an M1 chip. The Verge review. The one on the right is taken from this Intel ad. Can you find the difference?

I’ll screw it up for you: Intel’s MacBook Pro version is Many It becomes an almost full-width display with a thinner screen bezel. I wish my MacBook’s bezel was this thin! (Intel’s MacBook Pro version doesn’t have a webcam. Bummer.)

But Intel’s legendary all-screen MacBook Pro hasn’t just appeared once. Even in this ad, I don’t think the MacBook Pro is a 2-in-1. Look at that Mac — all screens!

Image: Intel

Intel The Verge On Friday, a real MacBook Pro with an M1 chip was used in the ad, but the company initially didn’t comment on whether there were any changes.

But Intel’s Ryan Shrout confirmed a possible theory on Saturday. Intel had the accidental effect of changing the MacBook Pro’s screen appearance in post-production, making the screen better than it really is. Obviously it was urgent and I made a mistake when compositing.

(If you look at the image in the second ad, you can see some kind of black haze applied to the screen, but it won’t be.)

In my opinion, these advertisements are also missing the point. None of Intel’s four new ads show how Intel’s chip can compete with Apple’s fast, battery-efficient M1 chip, the real advantage of the MacBook Pro. (So ​​far, Intel has only made a curated benchmark to try and counter the M1.) And by trying to dunk on the MacBook Pro, Intel still dunks itself in some ways, as Intel still offers chips. Some models of Apple laptops.

And seriously, the full-screen MacBook Pro good?

Update March 20th at 9pm EST: Added confirmation from Intel called Synthesis Error.

correction: Shrout tweeted on Saturday, not Sunday, because it’s not yet Sunday. I blame Daniel Craig.


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