Here’s why your next gaming PC should be a pre-built PC.

When it comes to PC gaming, there are only two factions that can actually participate. The first is an avid fan who spends time picking and choosing every single component that goes into the PC and scrutinizing every detail. The second is for gamers who are passionate about gaming but don’t necessarily want to go through the process of customizing everything for their PC. For these gamers, a pre-built PC is good enough as long as you have the right components to run the game flawlessly.

Newegg’s ABS lineup is perfect for gamers looking for a premium gaming experience on a PC built with the best specs in mind. All of Newegg’s ABS PCs are assembled to the highest standard, and you can simply select a PC according to your needs and simply check out. In a few moments, a new gaming PC is delivered right to your doorstep.


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