Here’s how much it costs to fix a Z Fold 3 or Z Flip 3 with a broken screen

Samsung’s new foldable is very impressive, and while the company has focused on making it as durable as possible, accidents do happen occasionally. We asked Samsung how much it would cost to replace the screen on the Z Flip or Z Fold 3 if something happened, and here’s what the company said:

Samsung offers a one-year warranty on the phone, so if the screen breaks to that extent, you don’t have to pay for repairs. Out-of-warranty repairs to the Z Fold 3’s inner folding screen cost $479. It costs $369 to do the same for the Z Flip 3. Thankfully, external displays are much cheaper. If you repair a broken external screen, you can get your $149 back on the Fold and $99 on the Flip.

Samsung also offers a Samsung Care Plus subscription that costs $12.99 per month for both phones (although Samsung is currently running a pre-order deal that eliminates the need to pay for Care Plus for 12 months). For Care Plus subscribers, Samsung says they will charge a $249 fee for screen repairs out of warranty. But, the company says, “Deductible guarantees up to three screen repairs per year.” Care Plus also extends the warranty for an additional two years after the original expires.

For traditional non-folding phones, you often have the option to have the screen repaired yourself, which may cost less than having the manufacturer do it for you. But for Samsung’s new foldable product, this won’t be easy. Samsung’s aforementioned pursuit of durability means that the phone is stuffed with a lot of sticky and hard-to-remove substances like tape, glue, and stickiness. The company says the folding screen is made of multiple layers sealed with “pressure-sensitive adhesive”. As someone who disassembled its share of the device, it sounds like an absolute nightmare.

That said, this is not a big change. It’s not like Samsung’s previous foldables were particularly easy to repair. And while the company’s prices are higher than traditional phone repair prices, it costs $279 to replace a broken iPhone 12 screen. The Galaxy S21 5G is priced at $199. — Samsung is actually charging less than it used to be. According to Samsung’s site, the Z Fold 2’s internal screen will cost $549 for an out-of-warranty replacement, and the Z Flip 5G will cost $499.


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