Google rubs it in with new Photos collection of all the pints you once enjoyed

You know what I haven’t seen in over a year Inside the bar. Or bar. Or actually an inn, hostel, pub, road house, tap room, tavern or beer hall where you can exchange money for sweet drinks. But Google did not forget and decided to mock me with a new tag in the Photos app.

As first discovered 9to5GoogleIf you open the Google Photos app now, there will be a new collection of memories at the top of the screen. This is a group of thematic photos chosen by machine learning, and while previous collections have focused on children or food, this collection has the appropriate title “Cheers! — Committed to alcohol.

Click on the image and you’ll see a bitter slideshow. These are pictures of drunk with friends and loved ones. Paraphrase Crazy manIn the famous carousel scene, here is the essence of nostalgia, and it takes us back to where we want to go. bar.

Sampling from a toast! Google Photos Collection.
Photo: Cameron Faulkner / The Verge

Little warning: when edge Employees looked for “Cheers!” Not everyone has found it. And those who pointed out that the software doesn’t always capture all the relevant photos of the pitcher. (Maybe he’s a tricky drinker? I can’t agree.)

In any case, it’s not only another neat demo showing the power of Google’s machine learning photography tools, but also a brutal reminder of what most of us are currently missing. And if you’re in a country that currently has pubs and bars open, you can just step out the door and grab a pint in the sun. beg Your: shut up and do not tell me.


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