Facebook strikes News Corp deal to license news from Australian media outlets

Facebook last month blocked the ability for Australian users and media organizations to share newslinks in their country, and now that the company’s special measures have compromised the most interested parties as the media giant News Corporation signed a licensing agreement. I can see it. Social network.

Although financial terms have not been disclosed, the deal is a multi-year contract that will allow Facebook’s news platform to access key News Corp Australia assets, including news.com.au. Daily Telegraph, And Sky news. Google signed an agreement with News Corp last month as the threat of new Australian laws regulating payments by tech companies to news companies loomed overhead.

Facebook’s news closure in Australia wasn’t specifically designed to increase pressure on News Corp. Instead, Facebook wanted Australian government concessions on media negotiation laws after it mandated that major technology platforms like Facebook and Google had to pay for news. You can access the content. Google also threatened to shut down search engines in Australia, but instead closed its own deal.

In the foreseeable turn of events, Facebook received the desired concessions, the largest of which was associated with denying the forced arbitration portion of the bill that Silicon Valley criticized when a previous commercial contract was signed, and the company regained its ability to share news I did. After that, Australia passed the law, and everyone was hardly injured. However, part of Facebook’s early opposition to the law is that it gave too much bargaining power to the most powerful publishers, and Newscorp is Australia’s largest and most widespread media conglomerate.

“Facebook would have had to pay a potentially unlimited amount of money to multinational media giants under an arbitration system that deliberately misrepresents the relationship between publishers and Facebook. We support small publishers on their own, without any guarantees that they will be used to pay for journalism,” said Nick Clegg, head of global policy at Facebook, in a public blog post at the time.

After the Australian confrontation, Facebook said it would invest $1 billion in news industry deals over the next three years to foster partnerships with media organizations with unspoken rules that it would not have to face other media negotiation laws like Australia. (Facebook said it has the right to re-stop Australian news if it wishes.)

It appears that Facebook and Newscorp have agreed, and this new deal will allow access to Newscorp-owned publishers on Australia’s Facebook News platform. news.com.au and Sky news, The latter has a separate contract as a broadcasting organization, and News Corp says it also licenses content for major newspapers such as Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun In Victoria Courier, There are numerous local publishers.

In a statement, News Corp’s CEO Robert Thomson said, “The deal with Facebook is a breakthrough that changes the terms of the deal for journalism and will have a significant and meaningful impact on the Australian news business. “While Rupert and La Clan Murdoch led the global debate, others in our industry were silent or lying down, threatening that digital dysfunction would turn journalism into a terrifying order.”

“We are excited to close this deal and look forward to bringing Facebook news to Australia,” said Campbell Brown, Head of Global News Partnerships at Faceboo. Andrew Hunter, head of Facebook’s Australian and New Zeland News Partnerships, said in a statement, “The agreement with News Corp Australia and Sky News Australia means that Facebook users have access to premium news articles and breaking news videos from the News Corp network. Of the national, metropolitan, rural and suburban newsrooms.”


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