Even Microsoft is mocking its Xbox Series X name

Microsoft has been the subject of many memes in recent years about its Xbox naming decisions. The Xbox Series X follows the Xbox One X, the Xbox Series S is the successor to the Xbox One S, and before that there was the Xbox One. This caused the internet to create memes about one Xbox One X box and a series of Xbox Series X boxes. After many Xbox box memes, Microsoft is now starting to publicly ridicule the Xbox naming decision.

In a video on Instagram, Microsoft created its own Xbox box meme, which includes the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X Box, Xbox Series X with Box Next to Box, and Xbox Series X Series Next to Box. In their box, next to an X-shaped box, is a series of existing Xbox Series Xs. Are you still dizzy?

Now that Microsoft has adopted the meme, it’s no longer cool according to official internet rules. Microsoft has officially killed the Xbox box meme, even if it says “We will continue until someone tells us to stop.” That was probably Microsoft’s grand plan, as the Xbox manufacturer also embraced and killed the Xbox refrigerator meme early on.

In fact, the Xbox team has been using memes a lot since the Xbox Series X was announced in late 2019. Last year’s Xbox Series S leak also triggered Xbox Twitter accounts. Reply with a meme, before the console was officially detailed a few hours later.

Microsoft has also decided to beat Skittles in a Twitter poll and make the mini Xbox Series X refrigerator a reality. The mini-fridge comes as a case (or box if you prefer) meme to come true this holiday season.

Xbox box meme.
Image: A man with a lot of Xbox boxes


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