Dear wireless carriers: the 5G hype needs to stop

Just stop. Let us know why your 5G network is the best, fastest and most reliable. Stop running ads about how 5G networks are changing lives. Don’t tell us why your 5G network is better than someone else’s 5G network. Imagination Would you like to build a 5G network the old way? Stop all this. It has been a very long year and we are tired.

If there’s anything that reflects real human experience, it’s probably one thing to make all these fantastic arguments like you. It’s not like that. 5G networks are still not very good. They will get better. However, don’t pretend the 5G train has come into the station and what we have to do is get on board to get out of the low-latency gigabit future when we’re still building tracks. And the train station.

We are tired of the wrong start. First there was 5G Evolution. Revolution and rhyme! But it turned out to be another name for LTE. Then there was mmWave, which I called it Ultra Wideband because it sounds nicer. It said it would drive cars, do surgery, and fly drones. The download speed on your phone is so fast that if your sunglasses are too close, it will fly off your face. Of course, the speed was impressive. Once I was in the right corner of the street trying to download the entire movie. But the crosswalk signal turned green and we kept walking and we lost the signal.

Now you know that Ultra Wideband suddenly means mmWave. And C-band, And that C-band will actually change everything and we’ll have to pay more to use it. Confused and tired, now you need to find your sunglasses. So if you have decided on any frequency that will really change our lives, let us know.

I know you’re excited about how to build a 5G network, but don’t elaborate on why your spectrum is the best spectrum and someone else’s spectrum is crap. You sound like a child who wrote a PowerPoint presentation for her parents, arguing point by point as to why she deserves bedtime later. As a typical phone population, we are not interested in being drawn to these details. Just build a network and you can see for yourself if it’s really great.

Lately, you’ve spent a lot of time telling shareholders breathtakingly why they won the C-Band auction. We raped the floor in live sports entertainment last year, but when we checked last time, the federal spectrum auction isn’t a super bowl! No one keeps the score! Unless you’re playing the Calvin Ball, you can’t declare something a sport, run around the field, wear a referee’s suit and say you’ve won.

It may come in shock, but we don’t cheer for wireless carriers as if we were a baseball team. We don’t give our friends trash cans about what the carrier’s 5G network is like. Absolutely crushed The carrier’s 5G network. We know that mobile operators are building 5G networks, so we don’t ask how they can live on their own. wrong method.

We all want phone service to work when we need it. We want to tweet stupid tweets, share photos of stupid pets, follow real baseball teams, and make it as uncomfortable as possible. Of course, I want faster service! But we don’t want to know how sausages are made. Stop for now and let me know when you’re ready to service.


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