Can’t change default Apple Music app in iOS 14.5 –

We announced almost a month ago that the upcoming iOS 14.5 update will allow iPhone users to change the default Music app by permanently replacing Apple Music. However, Apple now says that will not be the case.

Users testing beta versions of the new operating system when asking Siri to play music have found the Assistant asking which service they want to use. Apple explained to TechCrunch that it does not consider this to be “setting the standard.”

Apple’s iOS 14 introduces an option to reconcile the default web browser and email application so that all new links open in the default browser and new emails are configured in the default email app. But the same is true for music apps.

There is no setting in the settings menu to choose the default music app for email and web browsers. This feature is related to Siri’s Learning feature.

When you ask your virtual assistant to play an album, you’ll see a list of installed apps that you can choose and learn from in the app of your choice. When you ask Siri for a podcast or audiobook, we hope to learn which apps Siri uses for each purpose and make it easier to incorporate them when users request Siri.

Changing Siri’s habits isn’t as simple as a one-time choice. According to Apple, the assistant can ask the same question again later.

Users can mark their preferred app on an initial voice command, for example “Play Brian Eno on Spotify”, but there’s no indication that a true native alternative is in the works.

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The complexity of this feature may seem trivial, but it represents Apple’s widespread antipathy towards competing third-party companies.

spotify and apologize We’ve fought in the past whether Apple’s monopoly behavior is anti-competitive. Due to the taxes Apple receives on the services it sells on its website, users who sign up for Spotify through the App Store are unwittingly offering a portion of their Apple subscription.

Given the number of iPhone users available on the App Store, Spotify claims this is an unfair use of its dominance in the tech industry.

Given that, it’s clear that Apple’s reluctance to allow true “default” settings for services that compete with the Apple Music App has something to do with an ongoing feud.


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