Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers-Hitlist 2020

Dresses designed for the bride are not just clothing, they are a symbol of our culture and traditions. Special skills are required to turn such clothes into clothes that every girl must have. So some The most skilled designer Do your best to design a full range of glamorous bridal dresses. So, don’t get preoccupied with the idea of ​​deciding the best bridal clothing selected by the best fashion brands. We narrowed down our list of top 10 Pakistani bridal designer dresses and brought you the latest bridal wear collection this year. Check out the Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers.

List of Best & Popular Top 10 Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers

Below is a list of the Top 10 Best & Popular Pakistani Bridal Dresses Designers. These include Fahad hussayn, sana safinaz, maria b, Nomi Ansari, etc. This list will help you choose the right designer to design your bridal outfit. You can also copy this designer’s design and customize your wedding dress.

10. Fahad Hussayn:

Fahad’s Bridal Collection You can never see it in a single color and always a splash of different colors will amaze you. Even the brides he made have several panels of contrasting colors. Purple is rust, orange is pink and hazel. As soft as white, such a Balima bridal dress is combined with colorful embroidery in the work of threads and pearls.

9.Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer (Sana Safinaz):

Do you have one thing? Sana Safinaz It is known for its delicate, intricate and unique decorations thrown throughout bridal clothing designed under this label. Their latest bridal dresses sparkle again with sparkles of zari, dabka, zardozi and cut work.


8. Asifa & Nabeel:

Asifa and Nabeel gave new names to simplicity when it comes to bridal dresses. Their new Bridal collection It’s more than just awesome. Decorated in white silver and ivory, this pastel fone dress will let you skip a bit if you look with this pretty red chiffon du pata. Likewise, green is combined with the same soft touch.


7. Maria B:

Bridal collection of Maria.B It is one of the most bought bridal clothing in the United States. Her designs are closer to the more traditional Pakistani outlook. Her latest bridal couture of this wedding season has both flares in reds, pinks and other refreshing shades, as well as heavy long rehenga with heavily embroidered shirts.

Maria-b-top-10-best-popular-pakistani-bridal-dresses-designers-1 (Maria b-top-10-best-popular-pakistani-bridal-dresses-designers-1)

6. Deepak Perwani:

Deepak Perwani Ultimate creativity is the highlight of his latest bridal dresses. This dress is crafted with pure elegance. Peach, pink, ivory, pawn and crimson red are the colors you can find in this collection. Unique floral embroidery on good quality chiffon and georgette makes this collection even more special, and unique floral embroidery on good quality chiffon and georgette makes this collection even more special.

Deepak-Fur Wani-Top -10- Best-Popular-Pakistan-Bride-Dress-Designer -2

Deepak-Fur Wani-Top -10- Best-Popular-Pakistan-Bride-Dress-Designer -1

5. Medi:

Mehdi’s bridal dresses always remain the pride of fashion lamps. He even made his fashion career Bridal suit. Today, his experience and skills speak for themselves through the fresh and bold bridal designs of his recent collections.


4. Karma:

Yes, work It’s another big name in our fashion world. Maheen Kardar, the real brain behind the label, has always been making magic out of these fabrics. Karma’s latest bridal collection complements a variety of fashion designs, including a variety of saris, heavily decorated leshenga, sha lara, garara, gowns, and more.

karma-top-10-best-popular-pakistani-bridal-dresses-designers-2 karma-top-10-best-popular-pakistani-bridal-dresses-designers-1 download

3. Umar Sayeed:

Umer Sayeed Always seek out of the box and use the same decorative combination, but always create variety. This year’s bridal theme is always different from the rest, magenta, burgundy, plum, grey, pista green, tea pink focus on the traditional styles sha lara and kara la. He is one of the Top 10 Best & Popular Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers.

Pakistani Bridal Dress Designer-umer-sayeed-top-10-best-popular-pakistani-bridal-dresses-designers-1

2. Nomi Ansari:

One of the top 10 most popular bridal dress designers in Pakistan, Nomi’s Bridal Clothing Collection It is also worth a few compliments. He makes a masterpiece for your important day. Nomi’s latest bridal collection consists of a multi-tiered lehenzo dressed in long shorts or heavy gowns, all covered in heavy work by zari and zardozi.



HSY An unprecedented fashion career has really moved us all a lot. His latest Bridal Couture will impress you even more. Jamawar, chiffon, silk, georgette and velvet have combos dipped in gold and silver and are decorated with heavy work of banarsi, zari, dabka, zardozi, pearls and cutwork.


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