Best 10 Best Indian Fashion and Lifestyle Magazines for 2019-2020

Lifestyle and fashion are more than just clothing. However, shoes, accessories, makeup, body piercings or hairstyles stand out, but fashion exams usually involve clothing. Whether masculine or feminine, there are no limits in the fashion world. Fashion magazines have become the daily life of fashion leading women for a very long time, when the first fashion magazine was launched in Frankfurt, Germany in 1586. India is mostly known for its ancient cloth design traditions, but the Indian fashion industry is booming all over the fashion world. Likewise, if we are talking about fashion magazines, we are talking about more than fashion like celebrities, relationships, lifestyle, travel and travel, shows, sex, beauty tips, and more. Here we List of the 10 Best Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Magazines of the Year!

List of the top 10 most popular and popular fashion and lifestyle magazines in India


VOGUE India is a foreign-owned magazine first published on September 20, 2007. Conde Nast India Pvt, 100% owner of Conde Nast International. Ltd first published VOGUE India, and if we talk about India’s best magazine than VOGUE, it replaces all other magazines. It is like a pioneer of Indian women when it comes to the latest trends, trends, accessories, styles and all other aspects of fashion.

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In addition to the updated fashion, SAVVY is also known for its global knowledge it provides to women when it comes to women’s well-being. Being able to have more women is the center of the magazine’s focus. This is because it provides the best tips for women to change their way of life according to their will.

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FEMINA is an Indian magazine first published in July 1959, covering fitness, beauty and health tips. In addition to beauty, we also discuss cultural aspects of Indian women. Celebrities, their relationships and lifestyles are being discussed in the magazine, and articles about cousins ​​provide handy tips for women, primarily through Femina, run by women. The magazine also hosts Femina’s Look Contest of the Year, dating back to the 90s. Sponsored. . Also Femina Miss India beauty peagent has been organized by FEMINA since 1964.

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Marie Claire

International magazine Marie Claire has heterogeneous editions published in the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, China, Australia, India and many other countries and languages. First published in France in the late 1930s, in addition to beauty coverage, fashion updates, celebrity styles and tips, it negotiates a variety of issues that women around the world face every day.

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Verve is an Indian magazine first published in 1995, which covers all aspects of Bollywood, national and international fashion, celebrities, spotlights, photography, travel history and fashion and new trends.

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Elle is basically the French word for’She’. Elle was first published in India in 1996, which was created to avoid publishing too much local and international content as possible. A complete women’s magazine aimed at’Updated Metro Women’ is the world’s best-selling women’s magazine. It covers fashion, beauty and health tips and entertainment.

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Harpers Bazar

It’s an American-based women’s fashion magazine, first published in 1867, but it covers the needs of the daily life of the celebrity Indian Divas. Harper’s bazar is a weekly magazine devoted to the fashion needs of upper and middle class women. It offers a variety of views on trends, photography, artists, writers, designers, and creative people who provide a professional view of fashion.

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New women

New Women is an Indian magazine editor by glamorous Hima Malini that covers topics on entertainment, news latest fashion updates, styles and trends. It also discusses women’s health issues, fitness and body reshaping.

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This magazine is an international women’s magazine long published in the United States in 1886. It contains articles on relationships, gender, health information, celebrities, women’s issues, clothing, styling, makeup, self improvement, career and well-being. Woman.

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Women’s age

The Women’s Age, first published in 1973, deals with women’s life, covering every aspect of a woman’s life: fashion trends, clothing, trends, daily tips, stories, cuisine, and actions. The magazine also includes entertainment, poetry, and much more daily life material.

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