Apple finally supports Windows Precision Touchpad gestures in new Boot Camp update

Apple finally adds support for Windows Precision touchpad drivers in the latest Boot Camp update. The new 6.1.15 update includes support for the Windows Precision Touchpad, including single-tap-click, right-click in the lower-right corner, swipe up to scroll up, and three-finger or four-finger gestures.

Various Reddit users noticed that a surprise update was released yesterday and that it obviously works better than third-party solutions like Trackpad++ and mac-precision-touchpad that people have been using for years. As one Reddit user said, “It works a lot better than both, with better palm and thumb detection.”

Microsoft first started introducing the Windows Precision touchpad with Intel in 2013 to address the then-infamous PC trackpad issue. It took Apple a long time to enable Windows Precision Touchpad in Boot Camp, but not all MacBooks are supported. According to an Apple support document, only Mac computers with the T2 chip will be able to access the Windows Precision Touchpad, most MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models after 2018 (full list here).

The timing of these important updates to Boot Camp is also surprising, and could give hints that Intel-based Macs will still coexist with Apple’s M1-based Macs. Apple discontinued the Intel-based MacBook Air last year, but now you can get a 13-inch MacBook Pro with an Intel CPU. “It will take about two years for the transition to Apple silicon to be complete,” Apple said.


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