Apple blocked some searches with the word “Asian,” and now it’s getting fixed

Apple’s built-in web content filter for iOS and macOS has blocked all searches containing the word “Asian” for nearly a year, and the error is finally being fixed, according to a new report. Mashable. This issue appears when using devices with “Adult Web Site Restrictions” content restrictions turned on. But it’s not just about blocking adult websites. It blocks almost all searches related to Asian cultures, including’Asian Markets’,’Asian Cultures’, and’Stop Asian Hatred’.

The Verge With Content Restrictions turned on, I was able to see that the above searches were blocked on devices running the latest versions of Apple software (iPadOS 14.4.1 and macOS 11.2.3). Search was blocked on both Safari and Chrome on iOS devices, but Chrome was able to perform searches on macOS. Devices with no content restrictions set can perform searches and receive results.

This is the error message that is displayed when browsing is blocked due to content restrictions on your iPad.

The good news is that this problem will be fixed soon. Search works on devices running iOS 14.5 beta. Mashable report. Still, it’s ridiculous that it takes so long to fix it. Report a problem It started in February 2020 and shouldn’t have been a problem at first. Of course, it’s very difficult to create filters for adult content, but it’s definitely wrong to almost completely block the words used to describe 60% of the world’s population.

Filters behave very strangely in non-beta software at this time. “Asian Restaurant” is blocked on macOS but not on iOS, but “Asian Food” is blocked on both. It’s been a problem for a while, but it’s especially embarrassing for Apple now, with anti-Asian sentiment and increasing violence. It’s nice that the problem should be fixed in the next version of iOS, but it shouldn’t have taken so long.


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