Amazon gives Alexa a new iOS widget and the ability to assign reminders

Amazon has updated the Alexa app on iOS to give you access to voice assistants right from your home screen via a new widget. Everyone can use assistants to remind certain members of their family to perform tasks through the new “notify” technology.

Due to the rather limited nature of the widget on iOS, the new Ask Alexa widget is not Alexa itself, as it is a direct link to the iOS app. However, if the Alexa widget is placed on the screen and you have already given the Alexa app permission to use the iPhone microphone, you can initiate a request with a single tap.

Ask Alexa widget on iOS.

Now we can refine these requests a bit more. Amazon Alexa has given you the ability to assign reminders to specific members of your family if they have a voice profile set up on the same Amazon Alexa account. So if you say “Alexa, tell Jeff to get the lasagna out of the freezer at 10am,” Alexa can deliver a notification to the right person at the right time through the Alexa app. You can add a profile to your Alexa account in the settings under Profiles and Amazon says you can give each of them relationship nicknames like mom, dad, daughter, etc.

Alexa picks up new features and skills on a monthly basis, but Amazon also announced plans in June to make Alexa more open to third-party developers. Among the many new APIs, developers can create custom widgets for the Echo Show.


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